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Vaporizer - Electric- Dry type, 160Kg/Hr (16928)

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Vaporizer - Electric- Dry type, 160Kg/Hr (16928)
Key Information:
  • Algas
  • Torrexx TX160 Vaporizer
  • Electric dry type
  • 160Kg/Hr
  • Three Phase
  • 400VAC, 20KW
Description: Torrexxôô fills the application niche where 3-phase power is available and eliminates the corrosion,
evaporation and frequent ëshut-downsí associated with electric water baths.
98 % thermal efficiency
Corrosion-free Simple and compact No water-glycol
Heavy-duty contactor or hermetic relay Temperature controller is simple to replace
Liquid-SAFEô Valve
Thermocouple temperature sensor
Auto-restart after a power interruption
Easily fits inside cabinet
  The standard Torrexx is a single core, dry, electric vaporizer. No start/stop switches are used.
When power is applied, the vaporizer is ON and ready for operation within seconds!
Heating elements are cast ìin-situî in the aluminum core.
Two thermocouples housed in a common sheath directly control normal operation and provide over-temperature protection.
Operational set-points are factory set.
Fusible links installed in the Control System Housing provide additional over-temperature protection.
Torrexx is available in all common voltages.
Explosion proof designs are available to meet either Class I, Division 1, Group D (per NFPA Pamphlet 70) or,
ATEX marked to comply with CE type Zone 1 applications. Either design allows
Approvals - FM (U.S. and Canada), NEMKO, CE, 1 PED Marked, designed per ASME

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