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Solter AEROTIG 2330 AC/DC Kit water cooling (11811)

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Solter AEROTIG 2330 AC/DC Kit water cooling (11811)
Key Information:
  • Our patented technology such us Low Voltage Inverter, delivers up to 30% more efficiency than traditional inverter power sources
  • Digital Arc Sense, provides real-time readings of the welding arc data at a speed of 75.000 readings per second.
  • Total digital control of the welding curve.
  • Double Automatic Tunnel Fan, with on-demand activation for maximum reliability.
  • TIG DC welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, etc ...
  • Welding of different types of coated electrodes.
  • For continuous welding in pipes, boiler works, industrial manufacturing processes, etc...

It's 320A (250A - 100%) of power, makes it perfectly suited for continuous work.

Carbon steel, stainless steel DC TIG welding, etc. Welding of coated MMA electrodes, such as rutile, basic or cellulose. For continuous work on pipes, boiler making, industrial production, etc.
The AeroTig DC power supply source is designed with extreme conditions and workloads, regardless of the welding method used, MMA or TIG electrode.
The series of AEROTIG AC/DC equipment is the complete TIG professional solution. Thanks to its very powerful AC/DC INVERTER, incredible results are being achieved both in carbon steel and stainless steel, especially in a multitude of ALUMINUM alloys.
Welding intensity MMA 200A
Performance MMA 40ºC(20ºC) 45%(60%)
Usable electrodes MMA 1,6 - 4,00 mm
Welding intensity TIG 200A
Performance TIG 40ºC(20ºC) 45%(60%)
Usable electrodes TIG 1,0 - 3,2 mm
Regulation range MMA 10 - 200A (20,4-28V)
Intensity MMA 60%/100% at 40ºC 160A/130A
Regulation range TIG 10 - 200A (10,4 - 18,0V)
Intensity TIG 60%/100% at 40ºC 170A/140A
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More Information
Model Name Solter AEROTIG 2330 AC/DC water cooling
Welding intensity MMA 200A
Performance MMA 40ºC(20ºC) 45%(60%)
Usable electrodes MMA 1\,6 - 4\,00 mm
Regulation range MMA 10 - 200A (20\,4-28V)
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