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Sensitron S.r.l - Italy LPG Leak Detector Smart 3G-NC, Catalytic type Metallic weather proof casing

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Sensitron Catalytic type Metallic weather proof casing
Key Information:
  • Explosion proof casing
  • Metallic weatherproof casing
  • SMART3G gas detectors are employed to detects
  • Flammable compounds (%LEL), toxic compounds
  • (ppm) and Oxygen contents for both it depletion and
  • Enrichment in classified areas.
  • The Pellistor sensor employed for the flammable Gas
Utilizzo tipico Typical use the utilizzare can centrail the rivelazione gas Sensitron. Per monitor gas tossicie infiammabiloi in are non classificate.parcheggi e autorimesse.Detectors for use with Sensitor control panel to detect toxic and flammable gases found where automotive vehicles are in operation. Suitable but not limited to car parks. To be used in non-classified areas only.
Alimentazione Power supply 12-24 Vdc (-20% 15%)
Ustica proportional proportional output 4-20 mA (optional RS485)
Uscita rele (optionale) Relay output (optional) 3 uscite rele: 2 per allarme ed 1 per gusto (STS3REL) 3 relay outputs: 2 for Alarm and 1 for fault (STS3REL)
Portata contatti rele (STS3REL) Contacts rating 24Vdc 1A
Gas rilevabili Detectable gases Sensor utilizzato Sensing element employed Range Assorbimento at 12-24Vcc Consumption at 12-24Vdc Montano Methane GPL LPG Vapori BenzinaPetrol vapors Monossido di CarbonioCarbon Monoxide Biossido d'azotonitrogen dioxide Anidride Carbonivacarbon dioxide
Castalytic sensor Castalytic sensor Castalytic sensor Electroch. cell Electroch. Cell Infrared sensor
0-100 LEL 0-100 LEL 0-100 LEL 0-300 ppm 0-20 ppm 0-5000 ppm
90-60 mA 90-60 mA 90-60 mA  40 mA  49 mA  40 mA
Ripetibilita Repeatability 5% FS
Temperature the stoccaggio Storage temperature −25℃ / 60 ℃
Temperature operative Operating temperature −10 / 60 ℃
Umidita relative Relative humidity 20-90% non condensata / non condensing RH/40℃
Grado di protezione IP IP rating IP55
Peso Weight 600 gr.
Dimensioni DimensionsVita stimata sensor Sensor expented lifetime L. 100, H. 180, D. 65 mm 4 anni / years
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