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Sensitron S.r.l - Italy LPG Leak Detector Smart 3G-C2 IR, Infra Red sensor Explosion proof casing (15652)

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Sensitron S.r.l -Explosion proof casing (15652)
Key Information:
  • Explosion proof casing
  • Metallic weatherproof casing
  • SMART3G gas detectors are employed to detects
  • Flammable compounds (%LEL), toxic compounds
  • (ppm) and Oxygen contents for both it depletion and
  • Enrichment in classified areas.
  • The Pellistor sensor employed for the flammable Gas
Technical specifications 
Sensing element pellistor sensors for flammable gas electrochemical cells for toxic gas IR sensor for flammable and C02
Mearing range %LEL for flammable ppm for toxic % vol for 02 and CO2
Power supply 12-24 Vdc-20% 15%
Consumption at 12Vdc 90mA (medium):130mA (max) Pellistor 50mA (medium):170mA (max) electr.cell 90mA (medium):130mA (max) IR
Visual indications SMART 3G-Flickering LED SMART 3G-3 Red LEDs yellow for flute, green for PS
Display characteristics (SMART3G-D) 4 digits, 7-5 mm high, 7 segments
Proportational output 4-20 mA (200)
Serial Output (optional) RS 485 and proprietary protocol for the addressable gas control panel
Relay outputs, with mode status LEDs (optional) 3 relays with tension-free changeover contact 24V-1A (non-latching relay )
Accuracy from ±2/5 to ±5% FS (depending on sensor type)
Repeatability from ±2/5 to ±5% FS (depending on sensor type)
Warm-up time 2 minutes
Stabilization time  60 minutes (for test/calibration)
Response time T90 from 15 to 30 sec. ( depending on sensor time type )
Storage temperature −25C÷ 60C (or limits of the senson B17
operative temperature −40C ÷ 60C ( 65C or 75C on request) fpr pellistor and IR sensore, −20C ÷ 50C for cells
Relative humidity 20-90% HR /40 C (5-95% RH non condensings on request)
IP rating IP65 for II2G (D) IP67 WITH STGD/AD3 adapter ans IP67 cable gland: IPSS for II3GD
Operative pressure 80-110 Kpa
Max.air velocity <6 m/s
Weight 850÷1200 g Exn 950÷1700 g Exn
Dimension (approx) Exd L130H.180 D.90 mm (max) exn L160 H.180 D.65 mm (max)
Orientation detector must be mounted sensor head downwards
Certificates (ESL 01 ATEX 053 (ESR II 2G/2GD) (ESI 03 ATEX 339 (ESR II 3GD) (ESI 02 ATEX 084 (PERFORMANCE)
EMC Referance Norms EN 50270:2011,EN 61000
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