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Oldham, Gas Leak Detector, OLCT 10 (17014)

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Oldham, Gas Leak Detector, OLCT 10 (17014)
Key Information:
  • Toxic gas monitor (OLCT 10)
  • Combustible gas monitor (OLC 10)
  • Fast and accurate response
  • ATEX Approval for use in hazardous areas
  • IP66

  • Toxic gas monitor (OLCT 10)
  • Combustible gas monitor (OLC 10)
  • Fast and accurate response
  • ATEX Approval for use in hazardous areas
  • IP66
designed for use in boiler rooms and parking garages, the OLCT 10 and OLC 10 gas monitors give you the most cost-effective solution for the continuous monitoring of toxic
(OLCT 10) or flammable gases and vapors (OLC 10) in ambient air. Easy to install and operate, these detectors combined with the MX 15 control unit meet demanding user requirements.
Type: Catalytic bead sensor (pellistor measuring principle)
Size(WxHxD): 118x 126 x58 mm
Material: ABS
IF' Rating: lP66
Expected lifetime: > 4 years
Operating temperature: -10 to 45 °C
Operating humidity range: 0 % RH to 95 % RH
Operating pressure: 80 to 120 kPa
Accuracy: /- 3% LEL
Response time: T50 < 10s,T90 < 20s
OLC 10  
Signal output: Wheatstone Bridge
Measuring range: Combustible gases - 0 to 100 % LEL
Non-ambiguity reading: Managed by the control unit
Settings: On control unit
Power supply by control unit only
Consumption: See user manual of the control unit
Cabling: OLC10: 3-wire, shielded, core size 1,5 mm2, max cable length 300 m
1 cable-gland M16 (outer \14 to 8 mm)
OLC 10 TWIN: shielded, core size 1,5 rnm2, 3-wire to control unit, 4-win: between both sensors, max cable length 300 m,
2 cable-glands M16 (outer14 to 8 mm)
Approvals: Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 50270 ATEX II 3 G / EEx nA IIC T6  

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