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LPG Bulk Supplies

Supply in bulk LP Gas has inherent advantages to users giving them the flexibility and control for using it for multiple applications in large volumes and eliminating the risk of running out of gas.

Brothers Gas is supplying LP Gas in bulk to the best names in the Hospitality, Industries, Domestic, Educational institutions and medical facilities across the geographical landscape of UAE.

Our substantial gas storage and supply chain infrastructure delivers supply-security that is unmatched in the industry this offers real reassurance and reliability to all our customers. Brothers Gas owns one of the largest LPG Storage facilities which has a capacity running into millions of liters.Read More


Aerosol Supplies

Brothers Gas has recently put up a state of the art plant to supply high quality aerosol propellants. BAPG (Brothers Gas Aerosol Propellant) is a proven alternative for Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which are proven hazards to the environment by depleting the earth’s protective ozone layer. The LPG based Aerosol propellants are safe and environment friendly, apart from being economically viable.

The Brothers Gas Aerosol Propellant Plant was commissioned recently. The Design is based on the latest international standards, thus the products obtained from it are free from Odor and also free from the corrosive sulphur impurities. The plant is capable of removing any impurity detrimental to the Propellant Gas specifications. Brothers Gas has dedicated tanks, pipelines, tankers to ensure absolute purity of the product.Read More

LP Gas Supply

LPG Cylinder Supplies

We bring this versatile and readily available fuel in portable solutions for our wide range of customers in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Sector and allow people to use our gas as required.

Supplied in an extensive range of cylinders to suit the requirements and delivered at your door step backed by an ultra-modern fleet of distribution vehicles.

Backed by tailored made engineering solutions of manifold systems with a range of accessories like regulators, valves, etc… we also provide our varied customer base with options of Liquid Off Take Valve (LOT), Large Cylinders and other solutions.Read More

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