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Kovea Gas Canister 230g (8211)

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Kovea Gas Canister 230g (8211)
Key Information:

Threaded gas cylinder Kovea Screw type GasKGF-0230. Gas cylinder is filled with a mixture of high-performance gas izopropanovoy composition: 75% isobutane, propane 25%. Gas cylinder can be used with all types of gas appliances Kovea and equipment from other manufacturers thread standard epi-gas.

    • Threaded gas cylinder
    • Mixture of high-performance gas
    • composition: 75% isobutane, propane 25%
    • Can be used with all types of gas appliances thread standard epi-gas
Fuel tank Kovea Screw Type Camping Gas 230G-high performance and minimal consumption!
The original gas canister Kovea Camping Gas screw type, provides a high efficiency through the use of mixture of two combustible gases - isobutane and propane. Operation temperature of the mixture is from 40 to -23 degrees.,
Propane provides high pressure gas, while maintaining the system performance when used in low temperatures. Isobutane maintains stable pressure in the tank when the fuel in it at the end.
  • Fuel - a mixture of isobutane (75%) and propane (25%)
  • Suitable for use in any season
  • Operating temperature from 40 to -23 degrees
  • Threaded gas cylinder
  • Can be used with all types of gas appliances thread standard epi-gas

  Item Code : 8211
More Information
Model Name Kovea Gas Canister 230g
Dimensions 92 x 110 x 110 mm
Weight1 230 g
Material Type Steel
Canister Type Threaded, Can be used with all types of gas appliances thread standard epi-gas
Canister capacity 230g
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