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Elster Gas Meter, BKG 6, 1.0 Bar (16545)

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Elster Gas Meter, BKG 6, 1.0 Bar (16545)
Key Information:
  • Media: Natural gas, town gas, propane, butane, air
  • Industry: Gas supply.
  • Tasks:Gas measurement d wording coeliacs

  • Media: Natural gas, town gas, propane, butane, air
  • Industry: Gas supply.
  • Tasks:Gas measurement d wording coeliacs

Brief information :
The residental diagram gas meter BK-G6 meet the highest demands with respect fa accuracy of measurement and safety. It incorporates both Innovative features and gas measurements know-how of many decodes. The BK-G6 is supplied in folded from. as co-adal and two-pipe yersbn.
The stroke of the diagrams is pneumatically stopped and therefore ensure both low bearing loads and a quite operating.
The synthetic diaphragm is dimensionally stable and stadium shaped.
High-grade materials and components as well as the patented curve K-system en­sure a high quality standard.
The K-System perfectly coordinates the movement of the valves with the actual gas flow to the measuring chambers. This ensure excellent lineaity even with utilizing small valves.
Due to thedesign of the BK-series is very robust,the gas meters are still measuring instruments and as such should be handled with care.
Operating principle: For measuring chambers are separated by synthetic diaphragms.the chambers are filled and empted periodically,and the movement of the diaphragms is transferred via a gear to the crankshaft. This shaft moves the valves, which control the gas flow. The rotations of the gare are transferred via a magnetic or mechanical couping to the index.
The temperature compensation facility of the T-Versions ensures via a bimetallic element that the stoke of the diaphragms is adapted to the current gas temperature.
Dimensions and weights  
Dimenstons (mm)         Connection size Thread Weight
A B C D E DN*   (KG)
152.4 262 71 226 163 - 1” (bs 746) 3.0
152.4 252 71 226 163 25 1” ¼ 3.0
250 250 71 327 163 20 1” 3.5
250 241 71 327 163 25 1” ¼ 3.5
To DN 3376
Additional connection dimensions on request
BK-G6 and BK-G6T: Compact residential diaphragm gas meter, cyclic volume 2 dm3
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